About Our Company

HANS founding principles are providing businesses with solutions that maximizes the value for each partner. We are a solution based business and our goal is to work with businesses to provide solutions. We are passionate about business and are excited to work with new partners. The company has years of experiences and has worked with over 100 companies to provide products and services. We are industry agnostic and believe our team can help any business. Our company has been built with hard work, communication, honesty, attention to detail and our cant ability to provide consistent solutions.

HANS was founded by Hans Pedersen. The reason behind the selection of the name "HANS" is two fold. First, it is to honor his Danish heritage and secondly it is really hard coming up with a business name. Hans graduated from James Madison University with a Business Degree with a concentration in Finance. Since graduating University he has owned multiple businesses. One business in particular, Revival Social Lounge, laid the foundation of his business acumen. He likes to say his experience at Revival was his hands on MBA.

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