HANS: Real Estate Agents Post-Transaction Marketing Steps

Real Estate Agents Post-Transaction Marketing Steps

Real Estate TransactionThis blog post is for all of the Real Estate agents out there. Real Estate agents have a very close relationship with their clients but some fall short have the selling is completed. This post is going to focus on the actions/communication with clients post-Real Estate transaction. Below I have outlined steps that you should take each and every time to leverage the clients transaction and create long-term value for your brand.

Marketing Steps Post-Transaction

  1. Capture a photo of your client next to your sign in front of their new home
    1. Try and be in the photo with them
    2. Make sure the photo is clear
    3. Be creative if you want and have fun
  2. Get a quote/testimonial from your client on the day of closing
  3. Creating the social media post
    1. Include the photo
    2. In the body of the post write the positive details of the transaction, (Days on market, price positives, sq ft., location and other positive information)
    3. Tag other relevant pages or people by using the “@” symbol
    4. Use hashtags that are relevant to the transaction or the geographic area
      1. Create your own hashtag and use it every time you post on any social platform ex. #HansAlwaysClosing
    5. Include the quote from the client
    6. End with a call to action that includes contact information so others potential clients can easily contact you
    7. Watermark the photo with your logo or name in the bottom right corner. Ideal but not necessary.
  4. Send an email to your client asking them to do the following. (I have provided an example email below)
    1. Review you on
      • Facebook
      • Google+
      • Yelp
      • Realtor.com
      • Zillow
    2. Share the post you created of them in front of their home
    3. Tell them you always appreciate referrals and if they need anything in the future to let you know
    4. *Consider giving them a gift card or something if they do post testimonials
  5. Marketing/Boosting the social media post
    1. Have your affiliates/family/client share the post
    2. Pay Facebook or other platforms to market the post to your target market
      1. The idea is if one person works with you then others should work with you
      2. Make sure you target a specific audience and not just a general post
  6. If your client has not responded to your email after two weeks send them a follow up message.
  7. Take the testimonial that your client left on the platforms and post on your website

Everything above is simple once you get into the routine and has significant value.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to properly manage your network, clients and the post-relationship. The people that buy/use your services once, are the ones most likely to use them again or to recommend you to someone. Business is about building relationships, trust and value. If you can maintain all of them you will have business for years to come.


Hans Pedersen