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we focus on relationships and providing valuable solutions to our clients and partners.

Our Services

<a href="http://hans.work/marketing/">Marketing</a>

We are a full stack marketing provider. Allow us to navigate the marketing waters of Websites, SEO, Communications and more so you can focus on your business and clients.

Business Development

Have an idea, new business or want more customers? HANS can help your business develop the proper strategy, messaging and targeting to expand your business.


Our instructor can provide classes on ISO 9001-2015 and its predecessors, Process Mapping and Process Improvement. On-site services include six sigma techniques, process mapping etc.


Our team provides solutions in the IT field like Networking, Workstation Setup, Server Setup and more. We make sure you have what you need in IT


Our proven process will identify issues inside of your organization and then provide you with the solutions. We provide external advice, expertise and solutions.

<a href="http://hans.work/government-contracts/">GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS</a>

Technical writing includes documenting requirements related to ISO 9001-2015, Federal Government Request for Proposals (RFP), document review and more.


If you have a need and believe developing custom software is your solution, then let’s talk. We are experienced in multiple coding languages and have an experienced team.

Strategic Consulting

Looking for assistance in Finance, Accounting, Taxes, HR or Operations? Let’s us evaluate your problem and provide you with the solution.


Our company sponsors a Meetup in the Arlington and Alexandria area. Also our found Hans Pedersen teaches classes and does seminars on business related topics


The process at HANS is used to assure each of partner’s expectations are aligned with the purpose and end result of solutions rendered. Our team always strives to understand each and every one of our partners needs and wants. The simple process below provides the quality control to achieve this.

Intake Interview

Presented Solution Proposal


Happy Partnership

H ans is a solution based business that offers products and services to businesses. Our passion is providing valuable solutions to business that have a need. We are industry agnostic and believe that we can provide value to any business. Every day is an opportunity to learn more about business and improve the value of our solutions to our partners. We use the word partner when talking about businesses we work with because we have a vested interest to make sure that business is successful. The more success the business experience the more success we experience. As a company we will never provide a solution to a company unless we know it has value. If you are interested in learning more please navigate to our Contact Us page and let's talk.

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